Legal Assets Risk Experts

We’re a specialist contingent risk insurance broker and advisor helping clients globally to mitigate downside risk and unlock value associated with legal assets. We structure, negotiate and execute policies to achieve best-in-class outcomes for clients.


Adverse costs insurance  

We have extensive experience of arranging adverse costs insurance for litigation and arbitration disputes and work with all insurers in the market to secure the most competitive cover.

Judgement preservation insurance (JPI)

JPI safeguards returns arising from a successful judgment or award. Allows a claimant or funder to “lock-in” the upside of a case-win – if it is overturned on an appeal the policy will pay out.

Capital protection insurance (CPI)
CPI will pay out if a litigation fund’s net returns are, at the conclusion of the fund’s term, less than the capital it has deployed. Can be structured pre or post deployment, on a single or multi-case basis and for all or a portion of deployed capital.

WIP insurance
WIP insurance covers a law firm for the non-recovery of its fees following an unsuccessful outcome in litigation or arbitration where the firm was acting on a contingent fee arrangement. Cover is available for single cases or a portfolio of matters.

Arbitration award default insurance 
Guarantees payment of a legally enforceable arbitral award against a sovereign entity within an agreed timeframe following the sovereign’s failure to honour it.

Cross-undertaking in damages 
Where a party is required to make a cross-undertaking in damages, we can arrange insurance to satisfy the terms of the court ordered cross-undertaking.